Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Two people are dangerous

Actually Grace doesn't have a problem with two people in all situations. Just when one is being a bit 'threatening' and the other is trying to do something like pick up her feet. That really pushes her buttons.

We always like to start training sessions from a 'safe' place. Today my fab OH came up and we spent time handling her together. Me in the stable and him over the door. No restraint of any kind. I had the clicker and the treats. Grace loves my OH as do most animals, so the session went well. I clicked and treated her when she let him handle her head without any fuss.

We also did a bit of loose schooling. After yesterday's antics, today Grace played riding school plod. Still desperate to please and still keen for cuddles when the session was finished.

I had a brainwave (or maybe not, time will tell). Having had some success teaching her to 'target' my yellow tabbard, I thought I could transfer this to a large plastic syringe (minus needle). She hates syringes, but does seem to know the difference between wormer type syringes (disliked but not scary) and those with needles which induce terror.

The plan is if I can get her to 'enjoy' bumping the syringe with her nose, maybe I can combine this with the lip play and then maybe she will allow me to drop sedative into her lower lip 'pouch'. Ok I know it's a long shot and there are bound to be unintended consequences, but I am going to try. (Just so long as she doesn't start nose bumping syringes with needles........)

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