Monday, 10 August 2009

A horse that practically catches itself

In my book is a real godsend. As the laziest person in the universe I hate trekking across a wet field to fetch my horse in. So Grace's new habit of lolloping over to the gate all on her own, so I just have to put her head collar on is winning her lots of brownie points.

I went to gaze at her last night, about half an hour or so after turning her out. She was on the far side of the field but she still made the effort to fetch herself over to the gate for a cuddle.

And this morning and I have another headache, the grass was very wet and she was about 200 yards away. I needn't have groaned because by the time I had the gate unlatched she was there and waiting to be brought in.

I have yet to figure out why when I put her headcollar on she feels the need to hold the rope, but its not a problem because she hands it over when it is time for me to unravel it to bring her in. Maybe she is being safety conscious......... :-)

As per usual in the morning I just picked her fronts and played with her head a bit. Ears are now not a problem to fuss with. When her teeth are done I will work on bridling her all in one go rather than one strap at a time!

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