Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Risk v Reward

Well I've just had an absolute blast and am very happy :-)

Grace has had 6 days without any strenuous work, because last Tuesday she slipped and was a bit sore after. She has been turning out as usual and doing her in-hand work, but none of the hard physical stuff.

Today I decided to loose school her. Well, she is feeling very well and had great fun showing off her fab movement and her 'airs above ground'. Apparently she is quite good at balancing on two feet as well.

But despite the high jinks she did everything I asked, walk, trot, canter, whoa, and about turn. When we finished she walked right up to me (but not into 'my' space) and looked me in the eye. I could practically hear her say 'Well was that all right then? Do I get my treat?' Well of course it was and yes she did. Then she followed me to the barn door and we went quietly and calmly back to her stable.

I always admire and respect a horse that can be that full of itself, but still be obedient and then when the work is over be so calm.

And as if that wasn't enough Grace iced the cake by eating all her lunch (she struggles sometimes if her mouth is very sore).

I am not taking anything for granted, but I am determined to faithfully report our performances both good and bad and while she does have 'issues' so far its been more good than bad.

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