Sunday, 16 August 2009

Do what you can manage

Kept it simple today. No problem with Grace, but the trainer was feeling lazy..... :-)

Majored on picking up her hind feet. Actually got to tie her up outside too (bonus because the 'lads' were in).

When we started the foot work if she was tied up outside she would swing around, desperate to protect her offside and if I got near the hinds she was very 'unhappy' and would let loose if I pushed it too far.

Today, no swinging and all four feet - one at a time - were lifted on command. The fronts got picked out at my leisure. The hinds were tapped for a lift and when that was satisfactory we left it at that.

Progress, but so unnecessary (I keep thinking if only, if only, if only) that it can be frustrating. But hopefully I've learnt my lesson and will be more careful about who can handle her and when in the future. And of course long term I want it not to matter.

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