Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cattle crushes are for cattle

Grace has a bad scar on her butt and a corresponding, severe crush injury to her pectorals. We don't know, but we suspect she may have been put in a cattle crush. I am on a mission to find out how she acquired her various scars and deep fears of certain situations.

The good news is a kindly samaritan called me last night. Apparently her horse was stabled next door to Grace until Grace was three. All was well with Grace and her handling at least until that point.

I have also been given a lead on how I might locate Grace's breeder.

Even if I don't manage to find anything else out it is good to know that at least in her early years Grace was well handled. So her current fear of various things is a learned behaviour which we are determined to help her unlearn.

And this morning I managed to have a good dig in both her front feet, which are unfortunately oozing black goo from under the shoes, but we will work on that. The frogs which were pretty rotten are improving with 12 hours drying out on an Aubiose bed every day.

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