Saturday, 15 August 2009

Eat, 'work' and play

Although Grace doesn't 'play' yet; the work and eating bit is going quite well (touch wood and any other talisman to hand please!).
Our training got a boost with a visit from 'Aunty' today. Always helpful when an understanding and responsible adult can lend their presence for some 'stranger danger' training. New people in her space is becoming less of a threat, so long as they don't move (blinking is allowed) :-)
We did a little loose schooling work in the barn, with Aunty watching. Tried out the can I get Aunty to feed me mid work out, but moved on when asked. Very good, ignoring the bilateral lameness in front, not a foot out of place. (I am sooooooo keen to get the shoes off and get her feet sorted.)
Definitely getting keen on the syringe bumping, I am hopeful that I will soon be able to tie this up with the lip flapping work and start dropping sugar syrup into her lower lip pouch. All in preparation for the day when I have to drip the sedative in. Ate all her lunch which is always helpful and an easy turnout this afternoon, even though there were two other horses near the gate.

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