Friday, 28 August 2009

A little off track

Grace is not the only rescue in the family. We also have a rescue GSD who goes more or less everywhere we go. So naturally we took her on our business trip. Well Sophie takes her work very seriously. Here you can see her digging a secure trench in which to bury her share of the company assets (a high tech frisbee). In the second picture you can see her contemplating whether or not the hole is going to be big enough. The edge also makes a comfy seat. And finally she tries her super model pose, her hair being swept back by the tail end of hurricane Bill. I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't quite a Cindy Crawford moment.

In the last picture Sophie is actually sitting on top of an ancient bronze age barrow (burial site). It would be hard to construct today, as the ground is solid slate, incredible that this was achieved without the benefit of modern technology and tools.

The beach is in Cornwall (Britain), so don't believe people when they say there are no decent sandy beaches in England - there are miles and miles of them here, complete with a ton of ancient history. And if you look for it, some decent grub and accomodation. The locals are great too and made us very welcome. (OK plug for UK tourism over!) All photos are taken on my Samsung S8300 :-)

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