Saturday, 31 October 2009

Truly humbled and a little embarrassed and very Wow!

Okay, so yesterday I mentioned how Grace had adopted the VERY BIG WRITING approach to communication, with me at least. I am rather embarrassed to admit that today she had to take it a step further - think 'holding a child's hand to cross the road'.

I have no excuses, so I'll just get on with the tale of idiot human and mega bright, mega patient horse.

I knew it was high time I took a bit off Grace's feet. I didn't think it would be a huge amount, but bearing in mind I have to take the little and often approach with her feet, I knew we were overdue.

Out of habit I addressed the near fore first. She waved her off hind, then when I persisted she put it down and then let me do the near fore. I asked for the near hind, got the off hind. No joy, so I did the off fore. She waved the off hind, but let me do the off fore. (Getting the picture - well you are brighter than I was at 6am this morning).

So I go for the near hind again. This time she holds her off hind up - higher than usual - and on reflection I can almost hear her saying 'duh don't you get it - this is the one that needs the work!' Can you believe I ignored her again? So very very gently she just nudged me against the wall. Not squashed or threatened, but I didn't have enough room to work. I moved her over, and she moved me back. Rinse and repeat - and all the time she was offering me the off hind (which was on the other side to me - so no threat).

Finally the penny dropped and much to Grace's relief I attended to the off hind. And I am embarrassed again, really really ashamed this time. The bars, which I had been whiffling about for a while had lifted the foot into a little bit of a tilt, so she was leveraging on the slight overgrowth of the toe wall. To be fair, it wasn't huge, but it was enough to tear the laminae at the toe and leave a bit of a blood spot (about 3mm). Poor sod and ignorant me. Well I won't do that again and the next time she offers a foot for me to look at I will take heed and really look properly. And I won't um and ah so much - if the bar seems to need work, I'll try it - in the full knowledge that if I was wrong it will grow back in double quick time.

Remind myself to repeat my mantra daily 'horses don't lie!'

And the 'Wow!'?

Well haven't we come a long way? From a horse that would freak out when her boundaries were crossed to a horse that realises that no harm is intended, her human just needs a bit of gentle guidance. And she is figuring how to do that guidance, while still co-operating as far as she is able - and not scaring the human in the process.

So I am very proud of her, humbled by her wisdom and patience and a bit embarrassed/ashamed for myself.

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