Saturday, 24 October 2009

She is the devil woman.........

Can't get her out of my mind :-)

Since our little work session this pm. Didn't do a huge amount, but noticed something important. The last couple of days, when I have been too stressed and busy to do anything other than 'routine maintenance' Grace has become grumpy? sulky? or maybe a bit down in the dumps. Not sure because I haven't figured her out fully yet. But after today's work session she was very happy. Maybe she really needs to do something every day, even if its only interaction as opposed to exercise.
Today the barn is free (a rare event), so I take her straight from the field (yes she came to call from miles away out of sight again) and into the barn for a little interaction. (Please note I got the video the right way up this time! :-)
5 minutes of loose schooling and it as pleasure to note her action is freeing up all the time. Heel first landing in walk, which is very loose and swinging. Flat foot with some toe action in trot, but improving.
When the loose schooling is finished Grace lollops over to me for all the world like a spaniel puppy with a new tennis ball. I hold up my hand palm out flat to the front. Our signal for 'stop' and stop she does. So I decide 'why not see if we can teach Grace to stay?' The photo is about as far away as I could get before she 'broke'.

But maybe we have cracked the answer to 'Why did the call her The Witch?'. Is it because she has glow in the dark eyes! :-) (yes I know its really a reflection of my rubbish photography skills and not her at all).

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