Saturday, 10 October 2009

Result! - I didn't get kicked in the head :-)

Well Grace was very cute today. Got to the yard early as I had some work to do on her bed. My plan failed. She must of heard the car or something. Snuck my head round the corner and there she was waiting at the gate and snickering for me (ok let's be honest, not me, but her dinner).

As I have finally replaced my long reins I thought I'd have a play. She didn't try to kick me in the head; which I had half expected because of her anxiety about being roped again, so I took that as a good start. Education very elementary though, because she didn't have clue what I was on about. So I will start from scratch with her. All the time being extra careful as she can be quick to take fright.

We had a bit of a walk round the yard which I am building up daily now as I want her feet to start to wear naturally and I also want to stimulate the back of her foot more effectively.

I think her feet are decontracting - they are certainly better than they were, although I am concerned with the recent wet that the thrush may creep back. The bars look a little odd in the photo, but they don't look so bad in the flesh. Mind you the walls look considerably worse :-(

The first picture is near fore just deshod, the second and third are the same foot from the solar view and a quick squint at the back. You can see in both of today's pictures how the back of the foot is opening up and appears more robust.

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