Thursday, 29 October 2009

She has twigged I'm a bit thick.......

Grace is adopting the approach of my old horse 'The Grey'. Realising that I can be a bit dim she is starting to 'talk' to me in the equine equivalent of REALLY BIG WRITING.

For example - I know she finds it hard to pick up her near hind when stood on concrete (because off hind is weak). But I still ask.

She used to just wiggle her ears and then freak out.

Now I get a really obvious tail swish and she picks up her poorly foot. Could she be any clearer in saying 'I hear you, I want to, but this foot hurts, so I can't.'

If I ask when she is stood on softer ground its not a problem, so long as I don't get silly with it.

Who said horses are dumb animals?

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