Sunday, 11 October 2009

3 month mark - no sugar or starch required :-)

No added sugar or starch required :-) or any other 'magic' (expensive) ingredients.

These pictures are just over 3 months apart, the first being on the day Grace 'landed' and the second is today.

We did a bit of training - pretended it was for Gracie but really it was for OH who has to help look after her when I go to Dallas in December.

Grace now leads beautifully, from both sides as you can see (OH hasn't quite got the lead on the near side bit yet). Grace goes past the killer chickens and the various items in the yard being very careful not to spook OH seeing as how he is just learning. But she can't resist using him as a scratching post after all that hard work in the rain. Fortunately she knows enough not to do this to everyone.

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