Wednesday, 9 September 2009

This is the solar view of Grace's near hind. It's a bit of curate's egg. The frog is ok, but you can see the forward flare and laid over bars. The flare was worse, but before I took this picture I had already taken it back a bit. I trimmed it a bit more today and will post a photo of the completed trim when its done.

I used White Lightning Gel on the near fore today. I was going to do all four, but I acquired an audience and I didn't think it fair on Grace or me to have to perform without practicing first.

That said she didn't mind the gelling/padding and taping at all. I will get to the other feet as soon as I can.

I did do a bit of trimming with people floating about though. Grace is very settled and doesn't mind being trimmed at all.

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