Monday, 14 September 2009


A horrible inherited disease. There is a reliable test for the HYPP gene so it could be erradicated in a generation. For more information about this condition go to:
Particularly read the experiences sections.

But can you believe the number of horses which are HH has doubled?

As the gene is dominant even an N/H horse will have the condition. It is painful, frequently fatal and can strike at any age. A few horses with it will have relatively ok lives but most will not. And not just horses but people get hurt too. You'd think the people that care more about money than livestock might worry about that, but apparently not.

The whole thing stems from one Quarter Horse stallion called Impressive. He bred 2,500 odd foals. The condition has now leaked out into other breeds too because people have a habit of mixing and matching somewhat carelessly.

Grace is an example. Why would anyone breed a QH/Arab to a warmblood? Forget the fancy handles, she is a mongrel. A rather beautiful mongrel, but one that ended up on the meat waggon. And let's face it, the more crossed out a horse is the more likely that will be. Unless it is well trained and performing. And Grace is neither (yet).

And the connection between HYPP and Grace? Well I researched the QH element of her bloodline. I can't find any direct link to Impressive, but there are a number of unnamed horses in her pedigree so who knows? Anyhow I have lined my vet up to get her tested. I have no intention of breeding from her but I want to know her HYPP status for her sake and mine.

What I have discovered during my research is the sheer ignorance that exists among QH owners and breeders about HYPP. And the fact is that some people will do anything for money regardless of the pain that might cause.

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  1. oh my goodness. Something I'd never heard of, terrifying stuff. The fact that they actually breed for it is DISGUSTING. I also read about the other genetic diseases that are featured on the site, also horrific