Friday, 4 September 2009

Just deshod pictures

Overall the feet are flared, too long and showing signs of LGL. The foot with the big hole (off hind) is badly underrun. Three nails got left behind, two of which I got out today, but the third one is really stuck.
Grace has been patient throughout, but I am not going to push my luck. We have time to work on these feet at our own pace. I rasped each of them a little today, just to see how she would react really. Grace seemed totally unfazed.
For foot rasping I have replaced the clicker sound with the sound of the rasp being put on the floor. Of course the flaw is when I drop it, but rule 2 is I put the foot down, Grace doesn't snatch it away. So far so good. We are getting through treats fairly quickly.
I am pleased with how Grace has reacted so far, even for a regular horse her behaviour has been good, for a horse with her history, well, if you didn't know you'd never guess.
As a final note - not only was I messing with her feet but we had high winds, then sun and flies, and then deer scooting about and still she stood for me.
She is so different to the horse her breeder described. Maybe she is a ringer!

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