Friday, 11 September 2009

Changes can happen in just 6 days

Grace's near fore, six days ago (the day after we pulled the shoe) and yesterday. Criticise the trim all you want, I know its not perfect. But just look at the frog development - way to go!

If it wasn't for the squiffy lump on the apex of the frog I'd struggle to recognise it as the same foot. It doesn't even look the same shape. But another 'tell' is the notch between the sole and wall at the tip of the toe.

The foot hasn't really changed structurally that much, but trimming away the flare and bringing the heels back makes such a difference. I am most pleased about the way that the back of the foot is opening up. I never expected it to happen so fast, especially as the environment, exercise and diet are a long way from ideal. (We are working on it).

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