Tuesday, 8 September 2009


In this picture you can see just how under developed the back of Grace's foot is. No digital cushion or lateral cartilages to speak of. Despite being bare for much of her life. This goes to show how important the correct environment is - without the stimulation of a variety of terrain and lots of movement their feet just don't develop.

Even so Grace's feet are adapting to her new barefoot life already. Her heels have widened by a couple of millimetres in front. The infection and corns are drying up and she is trying out her heel first landing.

Unsurprisingly, because the back of her foot is so weak, all this is a bit painful, not on soft surfaces, but the 100 yards from her box to the field is concrete and she has a shorter stride, with a lower head carriage for that.

Tomorrow, if all goes well I will put white lightning gel on her feet. The question mark is over whether I will be able to tape her feet up.

Oh and my hoof stand has finally arrived so I won't have to balance feet on my knees any more. I will start training Grace to use it tomorrow, unless it gets in the way of gelling her feet.

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