Thursday, 23 September 2010

Trying so hard to please

Grace had a tough day yesterday. Gave lesson to someone not familiar with riding by weight and got horribly confused.  Poor love gets very upset if she thinks she has made a mistake  It doesn't matter if actually everything is ok, if Grace thinks 'it' is wrong then she has a bit of a panic.  But full credit to rider for not flipping out in every sense.

Today, lunging to warm up prior to a quick pootle round the yard she got her legs out of sequence, and naturally (for her), because she had made a mistake, she had a little panic.

I find it terribly sad that this bright, intelligent, very able little horse gets so worried.  I can't help but feel it must be a learnt behaviour.  We are working very hard to help her unlearn it, and she is getting better, but it is still very sad.

On a happier note she is enjoying her little hacks and even the sessions in the arena.  Still completely hooked on milk thistle, so we go out for a walk every morning so she can stuff herself with it.

My dearly beloved previous horse taught me very well that I had to stay in balance and 'walk the hips' or she wasn't going anywhere.  Very polite, but firm, she just stood until I had literally got my 'rear in gear'.

Grace is benefiting from this education - I know I get a lot of funny looks as I do my best rice pudding x jelly wobble, but it keeps Grace happy.  As Stunt Man has commented, she is a little ball of india rubber, bouncy, flexible and full of life.  Too much talent to try and bottle it with a rigid back and stiff hips.

Grace conditioning her hooves on limestone chippings

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  1. Sadly this reaction is quite common, I'm working with a similar horse at the moment (also a Quarter Horse). Keep doing what you are doing, she'll come right in the end.