Thursday, 9 September 2010

Six weeks round up

So big lesson - stick with what you know and don't let your horse down by not following your instincts.

Made Grace very poorly by trying out new 'wunder' products on her. Learnt the hard way that Grace does best on the plain EPSM diet she has been on for months. I think the products themselves are actually very high quality and probably fine for an 'easier' horse though.

So the poor love has had about 4 weeks of misery and then two weeks of recovery. But she has come back bouncing and in a forgiving mood.

The 'Stunt Guy' took her for a bit of a blast today and they both came back grinning from ear to ear, so that made us all happy. Grace is great, you can really let her rip and then she will come back to a quiet walk as though she is really a beach donkey. Mind you with some of the things she does with her ears, she sometimes looks like a donkey.

Video below - not the best as taken on my phone, but I think you will get the idea :-)

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