Friday, 10 September 2010

One more step in the right direction

Grace is pretty relaxed in the indoor school.  But I normally only take her in there on her own, for a bit of a loosen up and a roll.

We are cautious about using any school with other horses - not because of the horses, but because if the handler of the other horse gets aggressive Grace gets very upset.

Today Grace, Stunt Man and Aunt decided to give a bit of ridden work in the indoor a whirl.  And there was another horse in there too!

I am happy to report that all went well.  Grace as always really got into the work and focused on what she was doing.  One day, hopefully, she will understand that if one of her 'Trustees' is with her we won't let her get hurt (if we can help it).

All three finished the session, slightly sweaty, but smiling :-)

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