Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Whoops I've done it again................

You might not have seen the post 'You get what you reward' where Grace had me scampering to keep up with her on our way in from the field. I'd accidentally taught her that faster was better.

Well I've done it again. Only this time its a whole new way of 'moving over'. Never a favourite exercise, probably associated with getting thumped (not by me) and uncomfortable because of her corns, Grace was compliant, but unhappy when asked to 'move over'.

Well today she practically skipped round. And all because I have been teaching her to glue herself to my shoulder for certain exercises.

Today, anxious for more clicks and treats Grace decided to experiment and took the shoulder glue to a whole new level. (I am so going to have to rethink the training on this one.)

Could I shake her off? (No) So I tried standing by her shoulder and then walking backwards and zip-ah-dee-do-dah she does the neatest turn on the forehand. I was gobsmacked. So I scooted backwards again and she twirled on the forehand again.

Great! - not what I intended, but if it works for her it works for me! Yeah, I have a horse that can move its bum over. Ok, so the command sequence is a little off the wall but who cares?

Although there is the small matter of now having to teach Grace that she doesn't have to be permanently level with my ears................

Answers on a post card please!

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