Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Grace's new home

It has been an eventful week. Grace's flu/tet jab went awry and she had an allergic reaction to it. This meant postponing her move for a few days until she recovered.

Already the move is paying dividends. In just two days she is coping with stony ground better than she did before.

I've started loose schooling her again. Its quite entertaining because when the 'work' is finished we have a short game of 'wag the tail'. I lope about the school and Grace as the 'tail' follows with her nose tucked in behind me. She gets very cross if I turn too tight for her to follow directly. We always wrap the session with a cuddle.

I have already taught the signal for 'halt' so that if she is scampering up to me too fast I can stop her before I get run over.

Her feet need doing again. As the new yard has quite a few long hardcore surfaced tracks I am hoping that over time we will start wearing her feet more naturally.

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