Friday, 6 November 2009

Grace is moving house

It is time to explore the next stage with Grace. I need somewhere I can loose school, lunge and long rein her in relative safety. Hiking up a busy road on foot with a rehab in hand is not my idea of good practice. It was bad enough with my old horse, but she was incredible - Grace and I have several million miles to travel before we reach anything like the same level.

The first step is managing the process of moving yard. I am a bit anxious about it. Grace has made friends and is settled. But even if her destiny is to be a pasture ornament, where she is won't meet her needs as an equine for much longer. So I have to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Oddly the yard we are going to is one I first used some 20 years ago when I moved to Kent. It must have had half a dozen reincarnations since then. I view this move as initially temporary, I will make the best use of the facilities on offer, evaluate where Grace's future lies and take it from there. And hope neither of us gets hurt in the process.

At least the yard is relatively secure. Barbed wire has been removed from fencing, hard core has been laid from yard to field. High security gates are locked at night and the whole place is wired with movement sensitive lights. The YO seems pretty switched on. Wish us luck.

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