Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Here's looking at you kid

Well in truth in the first photo Grace (03 July 09 - the day she arrived) is transfixed by geese, and in the second (13 Feb 10) sheep, no lambs or baby goats.
Pretty sure she has EPSM, am going the diet testing route. Not going to ruin our developing relationship by pulling out 20 plus hairs with roots for DNA testing.
We've had quite a few minor tying up episodes now. All preceded by proximity to a farrier, which generates much anxiety, squitting and rushing about. At first I thought the main problem was the squits which would drain her of electrolytes (and this may still be part of the problem). But now I think the main issue is her muscles run out of energy so she comes to a shuddering halt, just like a car running out of gas.
So, the strategy is to soak the guts (sugar/starch) out of her hay (which I have to do anyway because of the laminitis) and replace any calorie requirements with protein or fat. I am also giving her breakfast to help her maintain her energy levels and to ensure that when she turns out she is not hungry.
So far so good, but with Grace I have learnt to take every day as it comes and just be grateful that we get through the day without drama. We celebrate our successes no matter how small and we try not to fret too much about things that don't go so well.
I hope you like the pictures - how many changes can you see (not including absence of hunky man in second photo).

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