Saturday, 2 January 2010

Just who is training whom?

You know how you read in horse training manuals about how you should think of new things to teach your horse and to keep it simple and break everything down into easy steps?

Well Grace has read the book.

And every time she sees the word 'horse' she substitutes 'human'.

But she has gone one better than the book - 'cause I'm getting the training and she is getting the treats!

- This post is inspired by the almost daily new 'tricks' that Gracie thinks of.
This week she has learnt to count.

From the horse's mouth:-

'When training my human I will only accept a maximum of 10 reward clicks before I expect a treat regardless of what I am doing.'

'As my human has a variable speed limit - to put it kindly - I expect a click every 5 strides to confirm that we are still ok for walking.'


  1. Reminds me of Lunil, except Grace is probably cleverer. How're you getting on with the weather? And Happy New Year.

  2. go Gracey go Gracey go Gracey. What a gal!! Any tips for getting humans to feed me more?