Friday, 31 July 2009

One step forward two steps back

They do say you learn from your mistakes. Well we have only had Grace four weeks and already the list of mistakes is huge! (Let's hope my learning is equally huge

1) inviting a farrier to look at her feet (he smacked her in the face when she touched him with her nose)
2) not realising soon enough just how badly she reacts to pressure on a headcollar/bridle
3) not spending enough time building her trust in us before we introduce her to strangers
4) not giving her pain killers before we do stuff to her feet
5) not sedating her before the vet came

Progress being made with
1) lunging
2) clicker training
3) general manners
4) being stabled (during the day to reduce fructose intake and to dry her feet off)

Next steps
1) teeth
2) shoe removal

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